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There’s good reason the New Delhi-based duo of Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, aka The Midival Punditz, are known as the Chemical Brothers of India. For 18 years their pulsing, driving electronica has pulled from an eclectic variety of sources across the planet. With sturdy roots in DJ culture, on Light (Six Degrees Records), their fourth full-length studio album, they’ve created their first performance-based concept record, rooted as much in Western rock as the diverse folk traditions of India.


Their accomplishments in creating a unique and refreshing genre were recently honored when winning their first GIMA Award, Indian’s equivalent of America’s Grammys. While they’ve performed at two previous ceremonies, their contribution to Sony’s Project Resound, “Twilight,” featuring Rajashtani folk singer Kutle Khan on vocals, won Best Electronica Song.


 Accolades for their growing body of work are pouring in. Recently, Alicia Keys invited the Punditz to perform alongside Norah Jones, Will.I.Am and Usher in New York City. Known predominantly as electronica innovators—and Light is very dance floor-friendly—the duo decided to up the ante by creating a fuller, live sound, evolving their craft as songwriters and performers.

"The latest album by this Delhi-based duo – known for its unique brand of electronica-meets-Indian folk – attests to the two tenets. ‘Light’ has been crafted with care to fit into the continuum of their identifiable sound. "

- Rolling Stone India

"The original heroes of Indian electronica are back with a vengeance."

- GQ Magazine India

"Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj deliver a window to the future sound of India, a glimpse at vistas of an ancient culture again on the ascent, a memorable journey of hope and promise. This is the soundtrack of a great homecoming.

- Indian Electronica 

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